• Angi Stalnaker has been a political asset for me since my first run for office in 1998. Her loyalty and incomparable work ethic have made her a vital part of my team for more than a decade and a half. When I decided to enter the 2010 gubernatorial race, Angi was one of the first people I called. She has been involved in each of my campaigns and served in several roles in the first term of my administration. Her understanding of policy and her relationships with the cabinet, the legislature and grassroots groups throughout the state have been so helpful to me throughout my first term. Angi has truly been a vital part of Team Bentley.
    - Governor Robert Bentley
  • It was a pleasure to have Angi working with us during my recent campaign for State Senate. Her efforts to help us get our supporters back to the polls in a run-off election were invaluable. Angi is in tune with what people on the street are thinking and used that knowledge to strategize getting my values and beliefs out to the people. The result was an informed electorate that was able to make good decisions.
    - Senator Clyde Chambliss
  • I have had the pleasure of knowing and working closely with Angi Stalnaker for over four years. As Governor Bentley’s Chief of Staff, Angi served as my Chief Executive Assistant. When I ran for Chief Justice of The Alabama Supreme Court she ran my campaign. I know her to be loyal and hard working. Angi has great insight into the political arena in Alabama; she is a well-informed, persuasive, well connected, and confident individual. I would say that Angi is a true professional; and over the years she has become a friend to me and my family.
    -Circuit Judge Chuck Malone
  • In addition to being an extremely hard worker, Angi's knowledge of a variety of issues is very impressive. Because she has been a key part of Governor Bentley's inner circle for so long, she has been exposed to a plethora of policy topics and she is a sponge of all of that information. She is able to take a complicated issue and explain it in a way that makes sense and I appreciate that about her.
    -Representative Chris Sells
  • Angi was full of out-the-box ideas. She walked me through the execution of each idea, then allowed me to take the credit for the ones that worked.
    Angi was my partner throughout the campaign process. She was quick to return calls, followed through with her commitments, and was always there for me even when I was frustrated.
    - Deena Weston
    Received more votes than any other independent school board candidate.